" A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know"

- Diane Arbus



Hi, I'm Shasta. I'm a mama of 5 in our wonderfully blended family. My husband Chris is an amazing ultra handy, wildly mischievous and loving human being that has helped me to grow so much and seriously makes me laugh til I pee my pants! My family is my everything as you will see! I truly believe there is magic in everyday moments and they become all that more special when captured in a photo. 

My story probably isn't unique but I think should be told... so here I am about to bare my soul, my struggles, my triumphs and defeats, my joys and the road I took to keep my wild heart and big dreams. 

I am honored that you would take a peek at my page, our stories, and I'm grateful that you'd consider me for capturing your wild hearts!



Photo by: Farrah Emami Photography

Photo by: Farrah Emami Photography